Sixth Day Sled Dogs

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About the musher

     Hello! My name is Annalisa. I am 14 years old, and am in the 9th grade. I own 3 sled dogs, but I REALLY want more! Dad prefers I stick with what I have now though. :( I also own a retired Border Collie X (who doesn't really pull), 13 chickens, and two cats.  

Other than dog sledding, I love to Ski (especially down hill), play my violin, piano and to sing. I love to draw, paint, run (and canicross!), play with my pups, bikejour, take pictures, and serve God. Those are some of the things off the top of my head right now. :)  

The number one goal for my dogs, other than keeping them happy and healthy, is to honor God in all I do with them. I am continually awed with my pups. They are such amazing animals and are the best friend anyone can have. Though I wonder what is going through their heads sometimes when I'm talking to them... They are always happy and eager to do whatever I say (well...MOST of the time anyways) :). 

The story about us...

When I was about ten years old, I was watching some videos from the Race to the Sky. I was entranced by the excitement and beauty of it. Right then, I decided I wanted to be a musher. My parents were a little leery, but said if I raised all the money to buy my huskies and sled, I could have them. Then began my quest of raising money. I didn't spend a dime on anything for two years. I would look at pictures of sled dogs and sleds and literally shake with excitement. 

On September 2, 2010, I got my first husky Nora. I was SO excited! Since I didn't have enough dogs for a sled, I skijoured and canicrossed with her. 

In January, my family and I went to the Darby Dog Derby. There I met Brandi, my future mentor. She has a kennel of purebred Siberans (ByDog). She had just gotten two dogs from Absaroka Sled Dog Trecks, and found out that one of them, Paluk, was pregnant. Paluk had the puppies already and they were only a week old. She said we could come and visit them if we wanted, so we did. I fell in love with all of the puppies, but, I could only choose one to buy (when they were older, of course). Thor (or as Brandi called him, Squeaky Poo) stood out above the other puppies. I visited them a couple other times and I was more and more certian I wanted him.  When Thor was old enough, we took him home March 10, 2011. He was a bit unshure about the whole thing but warmed up to us (and Nora) in a little bit.

We got Shilah January 1, 2013 from Bydog Kennels. She and another dog from Bydog didn't get along, so Brandi thought she might do better at our house and let us take her in to try it out. But... it lasted only a couple of months until she started not getting along with Nora. We tried everything but it soon got out of hand so she went to a new home. So her part of the journey ended with us on June 25th. Shilah was from the same litter as Thor and was very smart but very shy. I am very sad about her being gone, but it was for the best interest of both us and our dogs.

How I got my sled was really amazing! I had been looking around on craigslist, sled dog central, and various other places for a sled for quite some time. So I gave up and ordered a sled from Adanac Sleds. The DAY after I had ordered the sled, I got a call from Brandi saying another member of the Bitterroot Mushers (Nicki, who is also my mentor) had went to a mushers meeting and was coming back with a sled and I could have for free! It needed a bit of fixing up, but was in good condition. 

Thanks for reading this and happy mushing! :D